Mortgage culture in online media

This morning I was able to answer many questions about the mortgage loan, with the help of the editorial team of Good Finance.

I invite you to read the 38 questions and answers about mortgages in the chat that I have had in all the online media of Good Lender. Some that we can highlight:

On the relief for habitual housing


Question: Will the purchase of housing return to reimburse the purchase of housing?

Answer: No. In fact, what the experts expect is that sooner or later the deduction will be eliminated for all the usual homes, not only for those who bought from 2013. The idea is that there are more and more incentives to rent and less to buy, fiscally.

Trouble paying


Question: Hi Raul, we have not been able to pay the floor bill for several months and overwhelmed with the bills and the lack of work. What can I do to give the bank more time? Or do you advise me to reach the dation in payment?

Answer: When you already anticipate that you will not be able to meet the fees normally, it is time for you to talk to the bank.

In the words of our independent expert on legal issues, Sean Cole:


The refinancing option is the most viable, that is, trying to reduce the monthly fee by applying some type of capital deprivation, extending the mortgage repayment time or even some capital withdrawal. The payment date option is more complicated. There is no legal mandate that forces financial institutions to apply it. Through the code of good practice, it was recommended to the entities that adhere, many of them have done so, but they are not yet obliged to proceed with the payment.

Trying to enter into a bank negotiation to avoid possible short-term foreclosure is the most convenient. On this website they give you some more ideas about what can be done when a family has trouble paying the mortgage.

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